Modernization and repairs of production lines

We provide repairs and modernization of production lines or supply complete electrical components for newly installed turnkey technologies.

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Why consider retrofitting?

An electrical part of a machine usually becomes morally obsolete much faster than a well-maintained mechanical part. Reasons such as random machine failures without apparent cause, poor availability of spare parts or inadequate and outdated machine diagnostics can then lead to consideration of replacing the machine control.

What technologies do we focus on?

Our main focus is on machines that produce endless belt products mainly in the pulp & paper, metallurgical, machine building, and textile industries. These include paper machines, rewinders and paper cutters, hot or cold rolling lines, slitting lines, technical fabric treatment lines, wire drawing lines, rewinding lines and others.

Co pro vás zajistíme?

As part of the engineering, we will design a complete new electrical part of the machine for you – we will perform the sizing of new motors including gearboxes, design a suitable set of inverters, specify the control system and design a new system for control, diagnostics and visualization of the machine. All with regard to your existing operation, the planned scope of investment, and your budget.

We will develop the project documentation, design the control structure of the regulated drive, PLC application software and visualization, and provide installation, commissioning and service.

We have been with you for 30 years

Since 1992, we have implemented hundreds of successful projects. We will be happy to present our references to you in person.

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Are you considering modernising your production line?

Contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation.

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