Metallurgical Industry

We provide repairs and modernization of production lines or supply complete electrical components for newly installed turnkey technologies.

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Regulated Drives

We have carried out a number of projects for our clients in the metallurgical industry with the application of multi-motor controlled drives for hot or cold rolling mills, milling lines, pickling lines, cutting lines, etc.

  • Hot rollint mills
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Milling lines
  • Pickling lines
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In the field of industrial automation, we have implemented the control of pickling lines, cutting lines, induction furnaces, and other auxiliary units for metallurgical plants.

V oblasti průmyslové automatizace jsme pro hutní celky realizovali řízení mořících linekdělících linek, indukčních pecí a jiných pomocných celků.

  • Control and optimization of induction furnaces
  • Control of pickling lines
  • Control of associated technologies
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